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    Quality Calvary Construction is a Damascus house builder specializing in the construction of new homes made to spec. You get all the benefits of having a home built with quality, integrity, attention to detail, and the ability to choose many of your own finish options without the hassle, expense, and time commitment that come with building a custom home. Check out our current offerings below, contact us to see what we have in the works, or if you already have a piece of property in mind, talk with us to discover great plans for your future home.

    What Sets Quality Calvary Construction Apart as a Damascus House Builder

    You can have your pick of house builders in Damascus
    here are a few of the qualities that set us apart from the rest.


    We believe in doing things right – from construction to customer care. And if we don’t do it right the first time, we fix our mistakes. You can count on us to see a home through to completion. You get to move in assured that you’re getting a quality finished product.


    The owners of Quality Calvary Construction (Larry and Glen) have over 40 years of combined experience in the construction industry. We know the industry and how to build things that last.


    This business was built on the idea that we would offer a helping hand to people looking for a change in their lives by giving them work and a sense of purpose. We come alongside crewmembers who are turning their lives around through their work, providing accountability and motivation to move forward.

    This gives a whole new purpose to our work as Damascus house builders and our customers as we channel our resources not only toward building a structure but (re)building people’s lives.

    The Process of Building a Spec Home: from Start to Finish

    If you’re interested in buying a Damascus spec home, you may be apprehensive because you don’t really know what’s involved. While the process can be complicated, we will break it down into some of the basic steps.


    Before you begin any attempt to build a home, you must count the cost. Set up meetings with your bank, credit union, or a mortgage broker to determine what a reasonable budget for your situation is. Armed with a number, you can begin making plans.Many of our clients come to us interested in buying a home that’s already been built or is in-process – skipping from this step at least to the part where you select finishing touches, if not going straight to moving in! For customers who want a bit more say in the process, we continue to plot selection and purchasing.

    Plot Selection

    Often, we have already purchased the piece of land on which to build, in which case we move on to selecting plans. But some of our clients look for and find that perfect location and arrange its purchase before we continue in the process. Here is where a good real estate agent is key! If you’re not sure who to go with, we can recommend some people we’ve worked with.

    Plan Selection

    We have a great relationship with an excellent architect who has designed a wide variety of homes in Damascus area. Together, we’ll explore the build site and select a plan to move ahead on. By using a floor plan that’s already been created and approved, we skip a lot of the red tape that goes with custom house building, bringing us that much closer to the move-in date. If you think that this aspect of spec homes is limiting – we’d like to disagree! From open floor plans to breakfast nooks to huge bonus rooms above the garage, we have a plan to work with most any dream.


    We obtain all necessary permits and approvals to make sure everything’s on the level. If any changes are needed, we’ll take care of them in consultation with you.


    Finally, we get to break ground! From foundations to framing to sheetrock, our crew of trained workers and trusted subcontractors led by our own experienced house builders takes care of it all. You’ll be surprised – and excited – to see how quickly your home can go up!

    Finishing Touches

    In this stage we include features such as

    • Flooring
    • Lighting
    • Appliances
    • Wall texture
    • Paint
    • Cabinets
    • Door and cabinet hardware
    • Faucets
    • Shower hardware
    • Toilets
    • Trim

    If you’re working with us at this point, you can have a great deal of say in what we install – bringing a custom feel to your Damascus house without the expense of designing everything from the ground up.

    Move In

    As we wrap up, you make plans to move in. As you settle into your house (and as the house settles) we stick with you to take care of any small fixes that become necessary, making sure that your dream house is just that.

    Are you ready to begin? Get in touch and let’s go!

    Benefits of Buying a New Spec Home

    The idea of a spec home – a house which is uniquely finished, though based on pre-existing plans – might be confusing to some homebuyers. Why would anyone choose this option? Let’s walk through some of the advantages when compared to the common alternatives.

    Spec Compared to an Old Home

    When purchasing a house that’s been around for a while – even if it’s just a few years – the biggest risk is the unknown. How did the previous owners treat the appliances? The structure? Did they turn on the fans when they took a shower? Did they make any additions or modifications that have compromised the structure? Was everything done to code? Is there water damage that was covered up? Hopefully, a home inspection will reveal many of these issues, but the quality of home inspectors varies, and it is possible to cover up certain types of serious damage that can rear its ugly head years down the road.

    When you buy a new spec home constructed by a professional house builder like Quality Calvary Construction, you don’t have to ask any of those questions. Everything is new, and if there are any problems, we stand behind our houses and our customers.

    Keep in mind as well that purchasing a new home is not like purchasing a new car – new homes don’t depreciate immediately after you move in. Especially when equipped with quality fixtures and other finishing touches, well-built homes tend to maintain or increase their value (depending of course on market conditions). In fact, in some market conditions it can be cheaper to buy the materials and pay for the labor necessary to construct a new home than it is to buy an established house!

    Spec Compared to a Custom Home

    Spec homes are not entirely custom homes, although they can feel that way. Spec homes are built by selecting from pre-approved and tested floorplans. In many ways, this is actually an advantage over custom houses, as it eliminates the time and expense of drawing up custom plans and getting them approved, meaning we can break ground that much quicker, and making a spec home a great investment opportunity. If you are still desiring custom input into your home, we can flex quite a bit with many of the construction elements that don’t affect the basic plan. Talk to us to learn more about all we can do as your Damascus house builder.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Quality Calvary Construction’s Work as a Damascus House Builder

    How long does it take to build a spec home?

    The short answer is: less time than it takes to build a fully custom home, since we skip the part about drawing up floorplans and editing them for approval. Depending on weather and the size of the project, you can expect one of our homes to be done in anywhere from 3-6 months.

    Do I have to purchase my own plot of land independently?

    Many of our customers will purchase our homes after they are entirely built, or by choosing a plan to implement on a piece of property we have. This simplifies the process greatly and still allows them to walk away with a dream home.

    Is it cheaper to build a home?

    This depends largely on real estate market conditions in Damascus and the current cost of materials. When the market is inflated, it’s often a great time to build economically speaking! That said, you can generally expect the cost of a newly built home to be similar to buying an older house in the same location.

    What are other terms used for house builders?

    Sometimes we are called general contractors, home builders, or custom home builders.

    If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

    Current Spec Home Options from Quality Calvary Construction

    19038 SE Clinton St, Gresham, OR

    Address19038 SE Clinton St
    List Price$599,990
    Lot Size0.25 acres
    Square Feet2773

    Multifamily-multi generation or perfect investment opportunity. Live in one unit and rent the other. New 2773 sq ft two story style home that includes a 900 sq ft ADU on the lower level with private entry, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen, laundry and attached garage. The large 1873 sq ft main unit features great room concept, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, gourmet kitchen, laundry room, private deck and attached garage.

    Design plans for one of the spec homes from Quality Calvary Construction
    Floorplan for one of the spec homes from Quality Calvary Construction
    Floorplan for one of the spec homes from Quality Calvary Construction

    Quality Calvary Construction is a Spec House Builder Serving Damascus, Oregon